Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Welcome to SDCL!

Hello everyone! I would like to welcome you guys to my very own hobby blog! It has been a dream of mine to set one up after seeing many friends blogging about their die-cast collections. Finally! That dream has come true! I've been collecting die-cast cars since I was 3 years old.. Imagine that! Now from here I will be able to share with you guys what I have collected through the years till today. Besides sharing, I do hope that this blog would also serve to provide useful information for collectors. I hope you guys do enjoy your stay here while reading & viewing what I will be posting in the near future.. Please do drop a comment or two while you're at it! Well that's all for now. If anyone wishes to contact me.. don't hesitate to E-Mail or IM me. Till then.. Cheers!

Yours Sincerely,
Sanford-Lyndon @ SanLino


  1. looking forward to see ur poisons! banner looks awesome by the way. :D

  2. congrats on your new official blog.
    hope to see more of your posting here.

  3. Congratulations on your new blog! Hope to see more of your poisons yeah? ;)

    -From one of the lyn HW members (animaniac92) :D

  4. I certify you true playa status just because you name your blog eastsideplaya lol.


  5. start posting them up man! can't wait to see them ;)

    ZT @

  6. haha ame too..can't wait to see ur new post...